Hidden Secrets of Data Analysis in Excel 

Who Should Attend

Managers and Executives who have to manage, analyse and prepare reports using data downloaded from systems. They must have some basic to intermediate knowledge of Excel i.e. navigate around a worksheet, format cells, auto-filter, sorting, create a simple template and enter simple formulas (e.g. SUM) into the worksheet.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply useful built-in functions in Excel to process data and enhance the usefulness of the data.
  • Apply the function learnt to consolidate records.
  • Acquire skills to analyse the records for operations and reporting purposes.
  • Employ new ways of tabulating and managing data

Course Outline

  • How to convert dates into readable form even if you are not an Excel expert.
  • Do this 1 thing and it will gurantee that you will save hours off your report generation.
  • The more data rows you have, the more time you have to spend working on it, right? Wrong! I will show you how you can literally spend just minutes working on the data whether you have a small or big database.
  • 1 trick you must learn to boost your speed by leaps and bounds.
  • 1 way to copy and paste large number of cells in seconds even if you do not have a computer mouse.
  • How to identify any value or word in your worksheet instantly.
  • Say goodbye to endless hours staring on the computer screen.
  • Say goodbye to the countless reports you have to prepare week after week, month after month.
  • Say goodbye to drawing charts for your presentation.
  • How to tabulate your SUBTOTAL instantly even if you do not know what is Pivot Table.
  • 2 ways to group your data into your pre-designated categories.
  • Say goodbye to duplicated records in your database.
  • What to do if all your data is squeezed into one column.
  • Why storing your data in multiple worksheets may not be the best option? And how you can prepare your report in just one minute even if you do not have the data stored in multiple worksheets.
  • How to identify which version of Excel you are working with even if you do not go to options.
  • How to NEVER create a single chart for your presentation ever again.
  • What you should NEVER do when you prepare your data for analysis.
  • How to NEVER rank your sales and customers for your recipients ever again.
  • The Truth about your data records. Here's how you should organize your data and generate any reports you want.
  • Program Dates

    • 13-14 Feb 20 (Thu and Fri)
    • 05-06 Mar 20 (Thu and Fri)
    • 02-03 Apr 20 (Thu and Fri)
    • 28-29 May 20 (Thu and Fri)
    • 11-12 Jun 20 (Thu and Fri)
    • 02-03 Jul 20 (Thu and Fri)
    • 13-14 Aug 20 (Thu and Fri)
    • 17-18 Sep 20 (Thu and Fri)
    • 29-30 Oct 20 (Thu and Fri)
    • 19-20 Nov 20 (Thu and Fri)

    Price and Duration

    S$600 per pax for this 2 days program (14 hours)