Who Should Attend

Managers and Executives who have to manage, analyse and prepare reports using data downloaded from systems should attend this course. Those who attend the course must have some Basic to Intermediate knowledge of Excel i.e. navigate around a worksheet, format cells, auto-filter, sorting, create a simple template and enter simple formulas (e.g. SUM) into the worksheet.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply useful built-in functions in Excel to process data and enhance the usefulness of the data.
  • Apply the function learnt to consolidate records.
  • Acquire skills to analyse the records for operations and reporting purposes.
  • Employ new ways of tabulating and managing data

Course Outline

1. Manage The Use of Dates
MONTH, YEAR, DAY, DATE, COUNTIF, SUBTOTAL, DATEDIF formula, Advanced Auto-Filter Function, Absolute and relative reference

2. Quick and Accurate Way to Select Records
GOTO function

3. Building Complex formulas

4. Merging 2 worksheets into One
VLOOKUP formula

5. Unleashing The Power of Formulas
Power Query - The new way of working with data

6. Analysing Business Data in Double Quick Time
PIVOT TABLE function

7. Making Your Report Update Automatically

8. Consolidate Data From Multiple Workbooks
Power Query - Append Function

9. Tapping the Power of Pivot Chart

Program Dates

Face to Face Workshops

  • 18-19 Mar 21 (Thursday and Friday) 
  • 10-11 May 21 (Monday and Tuesday) 
  • 8 -9 Jul 21 (Thursday and Friday) 
  • 7-8 Oct 21 (Thursday and Friday) 

Online Workshops

  • 28-29 Jan 21 (Thursday and Friday) 
  • 25-26 Feb 21 (Thursday and Friday) 
  • 11-12 Mar 21 (Thursday and Friday)  
  • 15-16 Apr 21 (Thursday and Friday)  
  • 01-02 Jul 21 (Thursday and Friday)  
  • 12-13 Aug 21 (Thursday and Friday) 
  • 23-24 Sep 21 (Thursday and Friday) 
  • 28-29 Oct 21 (Thursday and Friday) 
  • 11-12 Nov 21 (Thursday and Friday)


2 days program (7 hours each day) - 9am to 5pm


S$600 per pax 

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